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[ArchLinux] iwlwifi bad connectivity

That’s quite awesome. A bit of googleing solved a major problem on my Thinkpad x220t concerning very bad wlan connectivity in some cases. I just followed the suggestions on and it helped a lot. My wireless connection is a lot more stable, connects are done awesome fast and I have no more problems with random disconnects after few minutes.

Just enable those two kernel parameters for the iwlwifi module:


I hope this will help you too.

Shutting down the laptop display

Sometimes you have to run a lot of stuff in some terminals which take a long time to compute (think of a recompile of your linux kernel or something like that). For linux users there is a simple command to shut down the display and let the system fully run meanwhile. Just type

xset dpms force off

to shut down the display in a terminal and move the cursor or hit some key on your keyboard to re-enable the output again.

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